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Getting Started
Select an instance from https://join-lemmy.org/instances to start, or sign up for an account here! Make sure to select an instance with acceptable rules and with a policy for federation that you agree with. As a note, the max name length on this instance is 20 characters.


  1. No bigotry. This goes for communities off-instance too, no spreading homophobia/transphobia/ableism/racism.
  2. No NSFW media uploads to my instance. If you upload an image, GIF, or some other file to my instance it should not be porn, any NSFW links must be from a third-party image host. No exceptions, this will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Nothing illegal in the United States of America, or the state of Indiana.
  4. No harassment/doxxing. Calling someone a moron in a single thread will not get you banned, doing so in multiple places or leaking their home address will.

Feel free to message me at [email protected] or [email protected] or post in [email protected] for instance related questions. I can also be contacted by email at [email protected], but I check that email infrequently so don't expect an immediate response there. For broader issues with the platform, feel free to create an issue with one of the GitHub repos (this is not for support answers it is to inform the developers of issues) (Lemmy or Lemmy-UI) or post in the main support community at [email protected].

Available UIs Currently, 5 official UIs are being run for this instance:

founded 1 year ago
Test (lemmy.thesanewriter.com)
submitted 5 months ago* (last edited 5 months ago) by idunnololz_test to c/summittestcommunity


Test! (lemmy.world)
submitted 8 months ago by [email protected] to c/summittestcommunity

Howdy everyone.

It's possible over the past couple of days you noticed that new posts were having trouble coming in. Turns out that the Lemmy Docker container was missing a necessary dependency, and that was causing federation web requests to fail. I have resolved the issue, so now federation is back on track. Let me know if any of you see any other issues.

Postgres Upgrade (self.main)
submitted 9 months ago by TheSaneWriter to c/main

Howdy everybody, It is time once again for a server upgrade. I don't usually make announcements for upgrading the Docker containers, as usually it causes a few seconds of downtime at most. However, sometime today or tonight I will be upgrading Postgres from 15 to 16, which will take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour. Be ready for that, I will make a comment when I begin and finish.

submitted 11 months ago by TheSaneWriter to c/main

Howdy, everybody! My instance has gotten more demanding in terms of resources, so fairly soon I will upgrade the VPS that I'm running the server on. This will lead to downtime, but I hope to keep it as short as possible. Feel free to reply here or message me with questions or concerns!

Moderation Post (self.jokes)
submitted 11 months ago by TheSaneWriter to c/jokes

This a post to allow me to appoint moderators.

submitted 11 months ago by TheSaneWriter to c/main

Sorry to anyone and everyone who was impacted by that outage. I was tinkering with backing up the database and accidentally broke the listening settings, causing the Lemmy server to have trouble. At this point everything is resolved, the listening settings are back to normal and the database was successfully backed up, so we're good to go!


Today I will be changing how our services work for my Lemmy instance. This will let me more directly administer server resources, monitor the usage of various things, and improve the efficiency and security of my resources. During this process, the Lemmy instance will go offline. I will likely shut it off in around 15-30 minutes. Thank you all for being so patient, this will make everything better for all of us.


Hello everyone. Just a warning, the migration from AWS to IONOS for this instance could begin any minute so please be aware that we may be unavailable for a short time. Thank you.


Hello again everyone. At some point today, I will be migrating Lemmy from its current cloud stack, which uses an AWS Lightsail instance, AWS Lightsail S3 object storage, and an Amazon Reddis Postgres database, to a new cloud stack which will use an Ionos instance for both the Lemmy backend and a local Postgres database, with a Storj object storage system. When everything is ready, I will shut off the instance to allow data migration without loss. Thus, the instance may be down for a little bit while I perform this migration, but it will be back up later. I will post another announcement roughly an hour in advance, thank you for your patience.

submitted 1 year ago* (last edited 1 year ago) by TheSaneWriter to c/support

Howdy everyone, this is just an announcement that the instance is currently running well, the server loads are acceptable and everything is working as expected, except for my email service. From what I can tell all of the endpoints are set up correctly for my email service to function, but I'm still waiting on Amazon SES production-level status so that I can send emails to unverified recipients. Pictrs, Postgres, Nginx, Lemmy, and Lemmy-UI are all working as expected though, so this instance is ready for use.

Edit: I have transitioned the email service to purelymail.com, which has allowed me to disable Postfix and not rely on Amazon or any other corporate provider for email services. As such, as of right now, this instance is fully functional.

Email Test (self.test)
submitted 1 year ago by TheSaneWriter to c/test

This is a post to test the email features of my Lemmy instance.