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Climate - truthful information about climate, related activism and politics.

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Discussion of climate, how it is changing, activism around that, the politics, and the energy systems change we need in order to stabilize things.

As a starting point, the burning of fossil fuels, and to a lesser extent deforestation and release of methane are responsible for the warming in recent decades: Graph of temperature as observed with significant warming, and simulated without added greenhouse gases and other anthropogentic changes, which shows no significant warming

How much each change to the atmosphere has warmed the world: IPCC AR6 Figure 2 - Thee bar charts: first chart: how much each gas has warmed the world.  About 1C of total warming.  Second chart:  about 1.5C of total warming from well-mixed greenhouse gases, offset by 0.4C of cooling from aerosols and negligible influence from changes to solar output, volcanoes, and internal variability.  Third chart: about 1.25C of warming from CO2, 0.5C from methane, and a bunch more in small quantities from other gases.  About 0.5C of cooling with large error bars from SO2.

Recommended actions to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the near future:

Anti-science, inactivism, and unsupported conspiracy theories are not ok here.

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Australia has one of the lowest rates of people acknowledging that 'climate disruption' is caused by humans

Colour me not suprised

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[–] [email protected] 20 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

It's easy to be in denial if your job, wealth and lifestyle depend on it.

[–] [email protected] 15 points 3 weeks ago

Watched a great episode of Paul Santenello's show where he tours West Virginia. As always, his shows are eye opening, showing us people and places we've never encountered before.

WV is a wasteland of poverty due to the collapse of coal. You can imagine how they feel about continuing coal mining. It's all they've known, for 3 generations.

They didn't try to pivot to any other sort of economy and now they're buried alive. WV is the most beautiful place I've ever visited, bar none. Damned heartbreaking.

And while I'm at it, let me stump for his channel. Take a look at the linked home page. He goes into places most have never seen. East LA, Compton, Appalachia, Mississippi, nowhere does he shy away from the people. He's as neutral as they come, isn't afraid to ask hard hitting questions, no sensationalism, just straight investigation and reporting.

[–] [email protected] 14 points 3 weeks ago (2 children)

60%? So what you are saying is a majority of people.

[–] [email protected] 15 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

So what you are saying is a majority of people

I mean, I guess, technically, yeah... But geez, for something that's been settled science for well and truly over two decades now, that's a pretty appalling score.

[–] [email protected] 14 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

"Well and truly over two decades" is definitely true...

Exxon had a report in the 80s talking about a 1°C rise in "40 years" ie literally right now

[–] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

So, the point in time that I was trying to point to was not just when some science had been done, but when the amount of research into the area was so overwhelming, and so widely available, that any lay person who even just casually reads reliable news sources cannot possibly not be familiar with it. The point at which there is no longer any excuse for not knowing about and accepting the science, beyond wilful ignorance. A deliberately vague concept that can't be pinned down to one specific date, but that has, as its absolute upper bound the Kyoto Protocol, which was first signed over two decades, but not quite three, ago.

[–] [email protected] 8 points 3 weeks ago

Yeah fair enough, I didn't mean to contradict you, more add on to your comment

[–] [email protected] 3 points 3 weeks ago

This "majority" of a 60 / 40 poll is what the US constantly does too in their news articles. It's just flowery language that make the situation sound better than it actually is.

[–] [email protected] 10 points 3 weeks ago

In fairness, One Nation voters can't read, so we can't expect them to understand anything. And 60% is still a majority. But doesn't feel good being down with UAE and Nigeria :(

[–] [email protected] 9 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

"climate disruption"? lol 🤡

[–] [email protected] 5 points 3 weeks ago

Your regularly scheduled climate will return shortly. Probably.

[–] [email protected] 6 points 3 weeks ago (2 children)

Well, England didn’t send their best and brightest…

[–] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago

I'd steal a load of bread too if it took me from Birmingham to Bondi

[–] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago (1 children)

The thing about England is that over the last 300 years or so anyone with any get up and go, got up and left.

[–] [email protected] 2 points 3 weeks ago

It can be a rather miserable place. I lived there for a while as a kid due to my dad being in the military and getting stationed there. The country itself is okay, the cultural sites were very cool, but god damn - the weather was just ASS 8-9 months out of the year.