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Most of those are closed loop though, for example where I work you need ~1 glass of water per server and you're basically good for the next 10 years

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Oompa-Loompas need their pools

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From what I learned in my workplace, it seems that for most people the best way to appear competent is to continuously criticize the work of your colleagues

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Well I would if I had it

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Could you please elaborate on that ? I've never heard of this

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A new trap from Stephen king!

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Because I live in another country, a non English speaking one, so there's zero chance that thud book will make it to my country thrift store

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12£ is just the book, no shipping included.

Making a X10 markup on something you bought from a charity is infuriating imo

And sorry for finding basic capitalism infuriating.

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Ah, crisis averted then

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"The Army, get your ass eaten, blow up the other's"

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Like "RENEW BEFORE 2005" ?

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