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founded 5 years ago

As the title states. I’ve been a software developer for a year now and work for a tiny company, where the salary isn’t amazing. I got paid more at Apple Genius Bar, but it wasn’t as challenging.

I still feel like I’m stupid, I’ll rely on the owner lead engineer for help on the more complex problems and because we have a great set of conventions I’ll frequently be going back to old projects to extract the logic from their. Whether that be reading from Excel spreadsheets or the controller flow, as we use GraphQL api for most calls.

Does it just click at some point?


License stuff came up the other day. Got me wondering.

Could I use something like the mit or GPL license, but add a requirement that anyone that uses the software had to send me a pic of their butthole?

What is the use case for this GPL + bhole license?

Memes mostly. It world also need to have an age of majority clause.

Then if the library actually gets picked up somewhere it would be a good extortion tactic.

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The whole thing: The girls doing it NSFW content and selling it, the dudes buying into it mostly because they won't have any of it in real life, the way society sees it... Thoughts?

Personally I think every adult woman can do whatever the fuck she wants with her body and sexuality, even sell it. But obviously there will be consequences later in life if she wants to became a mother... And it shouldn't be like that anymore.

The dudes buying "their girlfriend" there is complicated. At first I made fun of them but now I realised for many men, myself included, is that fake sexual relationship (or even fake sentimental relationships) or NOTHING. I won't buy any of that for myself, since the fake part kills any allure for me, plus preferring to keep that little money I got left in my wallet but I understand more why more men do it. Is their only shot to a reality close to a relationship, is that or AI girlfriends.


For example, buildings and houses more than a hundred years old keep getting more and more rare, and often have an aesthetic that stands out, more ornate or with a particular style that most people can't afford today or that is not financially convenient etc. But back in the day, that's how things were built and most people didn't put much thought into it.

Another example, illustrations for advertisements ( either billboards or magazines). Up until the 60s (declining from the 70s onwards) a lot of ads had hand drawn illustrations, which required a lot of skill and talent to make. Yet people took them for granted, it was the standard quality of illustration for ads.

So the question is, are we currently mass producing something that will be seen in a similar light in a couple of generations? Thoughts?


I don't get it. It's kinda like you got to want to quit but at the same time yeah quitting is already hard for me. But I'm supposed to put it on me and somehow I get a form of nicotine without smoking. It's like how am I supposed to get used to it. I will even take the patch off try to save it for later just so I can have a cigarette. But yeah I think taking it off might actually ruin it. I read the instructions a little bit but yeah the whole nicotine patches last 24 hours and you shouldn't put it on more than 24 hours. So I really don't know if nicotine patches do anything especially since I enjoy smoking.


I've never owned a boat in my life and now that I live near the sea I would love to own a small boat to travel along the coast from one city to another.

I have no experience with boats so that's why I would love to hear some advice if you have any.

Would you recommend a used one or a new one?

And should I get a sailing boat or a motorboat and what type would you recommend? I don't think I'll have enough means to get a boat with a room inside, unless it's relatively cheap.

And is learning how to navigate a sailing boat a long process?


If you ask me? Mobile/WiFi internet... The way and amount of time we use our phones had changed A LOT since their diffusion. I guess the release of the iPhone changed our idea of what a phone is too

Edit: when I say modern world I'm referring to the last 50 years. So stuff like "the electricity" or "the telephone" doesn't count.


Title. Basically I just want to use the Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone, it connects and everything but then no Internet.


You can choose one only.


I am an Indian and I have noticed that Indians are way too proud of their country for some reason and at the same time lack any civic sense towards it, they are extremely loud and extremely proud. We feel like the world revolves around India and our culture is superior to that of others. Also, a considerable chunk of the population has been sold the "India is a world-leader" myth and they think India is somehow leading the world in innovation, science and technology, human development etc.,

Now, I know for a fact that this is not true, when I try to gauge the perception of Indians abroad on Twitter, I get pretty negative results, but Twitter has nothing good to say about any group of people, so... I kinda wanted to know what you people though of India, don't base it upon the etnic Indians who might be your friends and are decent people, but base it upon the news you read, the stories you hear from those Indians, etc.


Is there a reason why? Less funding? Web devs don't make the pages Firefox friendly? Since the user base is smaller, they just don't care?


A sudden exodus of employees is causing leadership to panic and suddenly puts me under a microscope with questions like:

  • Are you going to leave?
  • What can we do to keep you from leaving?
  • Do you see yourself here in 1 year?

These are all semi valid questions to ask in the best interest of the company. But I’m curious how this information could be used.

This all got me thinking – at what point could – “no - I don’t see myself in a year” be used as a resignation with a 1 year notice – and then terminated after ~3 months and be ineligible for unemployment since you “technically” resigned.

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