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It’s been nearly three months since the U.S. government announced an outbreak of the bird flu virus on dairy farms. The World Health Organization considers the virus a public health concern because of its potential to cause a pandemic, yet the U.S. has tested only about 45 people across the country.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/3HEIK


Svyatlana Tsikhanowskaya urges Poland to keep the Belarus border open, warning against a "new iron curtain".

Archived version: https://archive.ph/6ffZv


Hezbollah spent the past decade accumulating military and political power to deter Israel — now it may face all-out war.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/WHpao


Over 1,300 pilgrims have died during this year's Hajj season, Saudi authorities have said, adding that the majority were "unauthorized" pilgrimed who accessed the holy sites via an illegal route.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/8X9ay


A senior Red Cross official in Gaza on Saturday told reporters of the horrific scenes after an Israeli strike in the Gaza Strip.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/udoR4


Only ‘urgent’ tests to go ahead in short term after hospitals in south-east London hit by Russian gang’s seizure of data

Archived version: https://archive.ph/3w3Ua


Military says conduct seen in video from occupied West Bank city of Jenin ‘does not conform’ to its values

Archived version: https://archive.ph/nOfUz


Over 200 signatories urge government to reverse decision enabling action against writer under anti-terrorism law

Archived version: https://archive.ph/3lmYn


archive.is link

More than 1,100 self-identified STEM students and young workers from over 120 universities have signed a pledge to not take jobs or internships at Google or Amazon until the companies end their involvement in Project Nimbus, a $1.2 billion contract providing cloud computing services and infrastructure to the Israeli government.


The heads of major Christian denominations in Israel say that local governments across the country are demanding they pay property tax, violating a longstanding arrangement in a manner they say reflects growing intolerance for Christians in the Holy Land.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/nHxz2

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LEVIAS Demo (old.reddit.com)
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Civil liberties group calls for hate crime charges against suspect in alleged racist attack at apartment complex pool

Archived version: https://archive.ph/9CMHB

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A priest and a policeman have been killed after gunmen armed with automatic weapons attacked a synagogue and a church on Sunday evening in the city of Derbent, in Russia’s southernmost Dagestan province.


Although Kazakhstan’s new mass media law has some amendments that should improve the status quo, its ambiguity and the restrictive nature of other provisions threaten to create obstacles to the work of local and foreign journalists.

Archived version: https://archive.ph/atMwk


Whatcha all playing?

Do I even need to ask?! Elden ring!! Shadow of the erdtree! It's so good 😊

Ofc I know the game is not for everyone though! So, shadow of the erdtree or not, what are you playing :)


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Australia has one of the lowest rates of people acknowledging that 'climate disruption' is caused by humans

Colour me not suprised

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