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Alright, I'm trying a whole new service. I think this will do it.

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This should at least work for sending emails to you.

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But I'm feeling this.

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Or perhaps now?

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In fact, I think the thing you just tried may get that email to send.

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Well dang, that sucks. Maybe next time?

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Howdy @[email protected], I wonder if you will get an email for this reply.


What could be causing this? It's kinda funny but also just a bit confusing.

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Nice. Probably won't work, but I appreciate that their parents have the ingenuity to come up with stuff like this.

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It looks like that's a Voyager instance. Voyager is open source, so Lemmy instances are free to host a Voyager instance as an alternate frontend. The main Voyager instance can support any Lemmy instance, but here it's only for

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Just for reference, Voyager is the new name for the app that used to be called wefwef. As such, and are both pointing to the same thing.

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A mixture of social conservatives voting against "wokeness," unrestricted guns rights and anti-abortion one-issue voters, and people that misguidedly believe the Republicans are better for the economy keep the party chugging along in elections.

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