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[alt text: a black-and-white image of 8 creepy human-like figures floating in the air, with a building and a tree in the background. The caption says, "When you and the boys are playing in Creative Mode and one of them says, 'Come check out what I made'."]


From the Atlanta Daily World:

Sen. Raphael Warnock shared thoughts on this weekend’s shooting at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania. While delivering his sermon on Sunday morning at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Warnock condemned the alleged assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Warnock called for the nation to come together.  ”We pray for the American family beset by a moral crisis and … Continued

The post Sen. Raphael Warnock Condemns Shooting At Trump Rally And Jan. 6 Attack appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.


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Threat level: NATO has also found that its adversaries, chiefly Russia, are spreading climate and energy-transition-related disinformation in order to undermine political will for climate action.

  • It cites an uptick in Russian disinformation tied to the European green energy transition on social media and on online news sites. Russia, a major producer of oil and gas, has an interest in slowing the transition to renewable energy sources.
  • Disaster-related disinformation is another emerging trend, which seeks to impair NATO members' ability to respond effectively. This was observed, for example, in association with the deadly fire in Lahaina, Maui, in August of last year, the report states.
  • Russia, for example, sought to benefit from that by spreading the narrative that the U.S. should be aiding its own citizens in Hawai'i instead of Ukraine, the report notes.

What they're saying: "Russia and other NATO adversaries use climate disinformation to sow division, delay action, and cynically undermine the public understanding of climate change in ways that put people in harm's way during climate-exacerbated disasters," Kate Cell, a senior climate campaign manager at the Union of Concerned Scientists, told Axios.


Carissa Véliz is an expert in ethics applied to technology. The Spanish-Mexican philosopher, who does not provide a date or place of birth to protect her privacy, is one of the voices that warn us about the growing digital dangers that lurk at every corner and chip away at our individual autonomy.

Carissa Véliz: Autonomy is a fundamental principle. To have it, you need space to make your own decisions, to think about what your values are and act in that direction. And when they are watching you all the time, the other’s gaze is oppressive, it seeks your compliance. The simple fact of being observed reduces our impulse to experiment, to ask. Human beings need privacy, intimacy and a certain solitude to discover ourselves [...]

We don’t realize how surveillance influences us. If we turned off the cameras we would see that we do not think the same, we do not express things the same way, there is not the same type of frankness in the debate [...]

Anonymity is one of the most important social innovations of democracy, in particular, the possibility of making an anonymous protest, going out into the streets... Today we carry our cell phones with us, which identifies us, and that sometimes means that people do not show up when they need to [...]

China takes the lead [in the rejection of any privacy], it has no pretensions to being democratic or liberal. It is going all out with surveillance, it intends for it to be centralized. The surveillance you are subjected to at work has consequences on your personal relationships in a country like this. It affects, for example, the visibility you achieve on dating applications [...]

Obviously, we [in the West] need regulation. Collective problems need collective solutions. It is not up to the individual to change things and yet we have power; When we change our behavior, companies and governments are sensitive to it. It’s not about not using your cell phone. We must try to protect our privacy when we can and it is not too demanding. Instead of using WhatsApp, use Signal. It’s free, it works just as well, it doesn’t collect your data. Instead of using Gmail, use Proton Mail [...]

Any decision that can significantly affect a person’s life [should never be left in the hands of AI]. AI is not a moral agent, it cannot be responsible for harming someone or denying them an important opportunity. Nor should we delegate to AI jobs in which we value the empathy of a fellow citizen who can understand what we feel.


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Human rights lawyer Kenneth Roth on Xitter:

"The United Arab Emirates government is so contemptuous of human rights that it is holding military exercises with China in Xinjiang of all places, the site of Beijing's mass detention and persecution of Uyghur Muslims."

China and the United Arab Emirates are holding military training exercises this week in Xinjiang, as Emirati-Chinese defense ties see a boost despite US concerns.

The joint air force training exercise, dubbed Falcon Shield, began on Wednesday in the northwest Xinjiang province of China. Officers and soldiers from both countries attended the opening ceremony, including the UAE’s deputy military attache in China.

Xinjiang province, where the exercise took place, is home to China’s Uyghur Muslim community. China has been widely criticized for its treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities there. According to observers such as Human Rights Watch, China has detained up to a million Muslims in Xinjiang in recent years as part of its anti-terror campaign. The United Nations’ Human Rights Office released a report in 2022 detailing human rights issues in the region.

“The extent of arbitrary and discriminatory detention of members of Uyghur and other predominantly Muslim groups, pursuant to law and policy, in context of restrictions and deprivation more generally of fundamental rights enjoyed individually and collectively, may constitute international crimes, in particular crimes against humanity,” said the UN.


From the Atlanta Daily World:

A recent study led by Stanford Medicine scientists revealed how women of color are more prone to developing autoimmune disorders from internalizing their feelings and emotions.  However, women of color haven’t exactly been made to feel like their feelings are warranted. Stereotypes such as the ‘mad Black woman’ so often rears its ugly head in … Continued

The post Silent Rage Is A Hidden Health Crisis Among Women Of Color, Fueling Autoimmune Disorders appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.


Arts Atlanta:

The Decatur Book Festival took a pause in 2023, a victim of...

The post The Decatur Book Festival’s comeback is in no rush appeared first on ARTS ATL.


From the Atlanta Daily World:

Photo: Getty Images A Black couple is going viral for wearing their own custom-crocheted wedding outfits. According to the New York Post, crochet designer Tymesha Triggs handcrafted her floor-length dress and her husband’s tuxedo for their wedding on June 29. Triggs, the owner of Crochet Crochet & Accessories in Cincinnati, shared now-viral photos of her … Continued

The post Black Bride Goes Viral For Crocheting Her Own Wedding Dress; Husband’s Tux appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.


From the Atlanta Daily World:

Tyeler Hawkins of Southern University stands as one of the top baseball players in the nation. over the weekend, Hawkins participated in the HBCU Swingman Classic. The annual event held during MLB All-Star week, providing 50 HBCU players with the opportunity to showcase their talent on a national stage.  The student-athletes were be selected by … Continued

The post Exclusive: Southern’s Tyeler Hawkins Talks HBCU Swingman Classic And MLB All-Star Game appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.


An interview with with reporter Oren Ziv of +972 Magazine, whose latest investigation details how Israeli forces in Gaza have been authorized to open fire on Palestinians virtually at will. Six soldiers who fought in Gaza describe a near-total absence of firing regulations, with soldiers shooting as they please, setting homes ablaze, leaving corpses to rot on the streets and more.

“It seems soldiers were shooting not from a tactical reason or a real military reason, but just out of being bored, to pass the time or just because they could,” says Ziv.

“Soldiers felt they can do whatever they want, that they won’t be accountable. And all this is done also with the awareness of the commanders.”

[...] several soldiers told us, that the army was not dealing with dead people, dead Palestinians, and it was very common to see them on the side of the road when they’re moving to one place to another [...] Israeli soldiers were deployed inside Palestinian homes and houses, and when they had to move to a new position, the official policy, as we understand, was to burn the house down. The soldiers would gather the mattresses and the furniture and light the house on fire and move on. The official explanation by the commanders [...] was the fact that they don’t want anything sensitive to be left there, military equipment or maps or anything like that, but also that Hamas will not use the houses. But between the lines, you can understand that this was also an act of revenge to punish Palestinian civilians and also to make sure they cannot go back to those areas, areas that at least some people in the army believed would stay in Israeli control.


Archived version

In a shocking act on July 13, a man attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. Trump will recover from his wound but, tragically, a 50-year-old man attending the rally was shot and killed.

Violence has no place in a democratic political system, and we condemn this despicable act. Yet we must also acknowledge that no one has done more to inject violence into our political discourse than Trump.

He demonizes his political opponents as “animals,” “scum” and “vermin.” He calls for jailing his opponents without cause and forcing them to stand before military tribunals. He speaks of the “bloodbath” that will occur if he loses the election. When a deranged man attempted to murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer, Trump mocked the incident as his audience laughed.


None of this justifies the attempt on his life – or any kind of political violence against anyone. Yet Trump has continually framed American politics as a violent struggle requiring bloodshed. Trump regularly charges up his supporters by using destructive and violent rhetoric.


Terry Szuplat, a former Obama speechwriter [...] offered some thoughtful ideas:

We can stop describing fellow Americans we disagree with as “enemies” who need to be “destroyed” or “crushed.”

We can stop whipping up audiences to “fight” and “take back our country.” Our diverse society of more than 300 million people is not something that any one group owns or can “take” from our neighbors.

We can resist absolutist language like “good” vs. “evil.” Framing complex issues on which reasonable people can disagree in absolutist terms becomes a license to use any means necessary to ensure that “good”—at least as the speaker perceives it—prevails, no matter what the cost.

Don’t otherize. There is no “us” vs. “them.” There’s only “we the people”—Americans who rise and fall together.

Don’t demonize. Just because someone disagrees with us doesn’t make them “dark,” “sinister,” or “wicked.”

Don’t dehumanize. When we refer to other people as “animals” or “vermin,” it can lead to violence against our fellow Americans.”


From the Atlanta Daily World:

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change successfully held its third annual Be Love Day. This year’s event offered a hybrid experience, combining in-person and virtual activities designed to engage, educate, equip, and empower participants of all ages. “There are many misconceptions about love, among them being that love is passive and … Continued

The post Jade Novah, Heiress Harris And Van Van Close Out 3rd Annual ‘Be Love Day’ At The King Center appeared first on Atlanta Daily World.

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