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There isn't always a catch. Governance is often based on compromise and corruption runs rampant, so often there will be shitty things thrown in to appease corporate donors and conservative politicians, but sometimes the government just does something good without also doing something bad.

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They were using Proton, so most likely X11 as their windowing system. I'm guessing they were using the default distro kernels as of November 15, 2023 (when they ran the benchmark), but I don't think the article said for sure.

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I found the original study in the article, it's in German. Here it is (Linux Gaming: Test Results and Conclusion), it looks like most Linux distros have worse lows and frame times than Windows 11, other than Arch Linux which seems to be a tossup.

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Death is actually very expensive, it's just not the dead person that foots the bill.

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Depends on the beans. Some taste really good on their own, others are very bland.

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Fully agreed. Stuff like, you have to work for the government park corp and clean up parks as your job for the next year is a form of sentencing I could agree with. I don't agree with random company 400 getting to use you as a slave being your sentence.

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I think people are allowed to say that slavery is bad even if we benefit from slave labor. It's not like shit is labeled, and even if a product is free from one form of slavery there are still so many types across the world it would take a global effort to get rid of them all. Isn't it better to at least acknowledge the problem?

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Damn, he literally said if the Soviet Union decided to do a second Holocaust he wouldn't really care. May he rest in piss.

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I fully agree that politics have changed, I'm just arguing that having a sympathetic President and Congress in office makes it significantly easier to get legislation passed by protest.

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It played a role. Because the Democrats and President Johnson were in charge during the Civil Rights movement, we got the Civil Rights Act. Because the Republicans and President Trump were in charge during the BLM movement, we got jackshit (on a federal level). This stuff matters.

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Repealing that act should be one of the largest priorities of leftists in the United States. I wish people talked about it more.

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It's based on posts and comments.


Right now moderator tools have been implemented but not admin tools. Admin tools include standard mod tools but also things like the purge command. The ability to modify instance settings would be nice but is less important to me. If you implemented some of these tools I'd appreciate it, it would make administering from Summit much easier.


I like to see user profile images, it adds a bit of flare to comment sections and helps me tell users apart. I think it would be really cool if there were an option to see them in Summit.


Howdy everyone.

It's possible over the past couple of days you noticed that new posts were having trouble coming in. Turns out that the Lemmy Docker container was missing a necessary dependency, and that was causing federation web requests to fail. I have resolved the issue, so now federation is back on track. Let me know if any of you see any other issues.

USA Rule (
Join Us Rule (

Inspired by the recent Inspirobot post here:

Postgres Upgrade (self.main)
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Howdy everybody, It is time once again for a server upgrade. I don't usually make announcements for upgrading the Docker containers, as usually it causes a few seconds of downtime at most. However, sometime today or tonight I will be upgrading Postgres from 15 to 16, which will take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour. Be ready for that, I will make a comment when I begin and finish.

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Howdy, everybody! My instance has gotten more demanding in terms of resources, so fairly soon I will upgrade the VPS that I'm running the server on. This will lead to downtime, but I hope to keep it as short as possible. Feel free to reply here or message me with questions or concerns!

Jeepozeen (self.196)

This is the jeepozeen, a jeep-shaped long car.

Moderation Post (self.jokes)
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This a post to allow me to appoint moderators.

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Image displaying replies at the top of a comment thread, separate from the comment they're replying to. Image showing the comment I believe the two separated replies are replying to.

As shown, it looks like some comment replies are currently being separated from the comment they're replying to.

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Sorry to anyone and everyone who was impacted by that outage. I was tinkering with backing up the database and accidentally broke the listening settings, causing the Lemmy server to have trouble. At this point everything is resolved, the listening settings are back to normal and the database was successfully backed up, so we're good to go!

(Bug) Subscription Feed Broken (
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As of late, as well as certain images being broken I've also noticed that Voyager is having trouble pulling in posts from my subscription feed. The local and all feeds still work and the subscribed feed still works on my instance's main web app.

Edit: It seems to have resolved itself, so this issue may have been on my end.

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