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Generally medical professionals do not vouch for using milk for tear gas despite it often being touted. The research seems to suggest they are largely the same in providing relief

Sources to back this up

That means bacteria can contaminate the milk and potentially cause infection if applied to eyes or skin wounds. Jordt says it’s better to use water or saline solutions to wash out eyes after a tear-gas attack

Another source of medical professionals recommending against it

And a study looking at pepper spray as well

In this study, there was no significant difference in pain relief provided by five different treatment regimens. [Water vs milk vs 3 other solutions] Time after exposure appeared to be the best predictor for decrease in pain.

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The title is the post.

Really, you need to know: The Great Race is better on pretty much every dimension than Aeroplane -- comedic timing, joke density, meme-ability, sound track, cringe-resistance... It's just, better.


Lead Lemmy Developer, Dessalines, denying the Tiananmen Square Massacre and praising the Uyghur Genocide

Dessalines AKA "parentis_shotgun" on Reddit, is the main Lemmy dev, also the admin of and

Their post and discussions on Reddit (archive as the original post must have been removed):

Please join the discussions for tankie censorship problem:

And the discussions for finding/creating alternative communities on other instances:

What is a tankie?

Tankie is a pejorative label generally applied to authoritarian communists, especially those who support acts of repression by such regimes or their allies. More specifically, the term has been applied to those who express support for one-party Marxist–Leninist socialist republics, whether contemporary or historical.


It's pretty great for finding a soap or sunscreen that will be easy on your body and the planet. Thanks, Environmental Working Group!


Supercook is an app where you put in what ingredients you have, then it shows you recipes on other websites that only have ingredients on your required list.

It's not AI, it just lists recipes and clicking on them takes you to the website where the recipe is posted. It's like if google worked the way we wanted it to.

I'm on a pretty strict diet from my dietician because I'm underweight but have severe stomach issues, and it's so nice that I can just put in the ingredients I have and every single listed recipe are ones I can eat.

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Palestinians are at #8.


Car rental prices might decrease over time as the rental getting closer to its due date.

I encountered it when booked a car rental, waited for about a month, cancelled and then re-booked again.

I rented from

These are the rental prices over the months before the rental due date:

  1. $547.73 (first price) - cancelled
  2. $502.27 - cancelled
  3. $475.10 - cancelled
  4. $439.86 - final price

Check out the full list of what staples accepts now part of their expanded recycling programs.

More companies should start to follow staples lead and offer return points for packaging and products that reach their end of life.


While it is no secret that exploitative practices are interlaced with capitalistic tendencies, the practices are becoming intolerable. Signing up to pay usually takes only two clicks that are prominently visible whereas cancelation options are hidden away in deep settings requiring multiple clicks. Pricing often feel arbitrary with no reference points. Every large company grows with the intention of exhibiting monopolistic behavior. This is not sustainable and should not be tolerated.


I was talking about hygiene with my partner who is a nurse and they were telling me that a lot of people remark that their armpits are smelling worse than normal and they are using more and more deodorant and people just think it is normal.

Trichobacteriosis looks like a yellowish coating on some of your armpit or groin hair and you need to shave and wash the area every day for 2 weeks. It is more common in men than women in the US only because it is more common for women to keep their armpits shaved. Most of the patients who are affected by it think that its actually residue from the increasing amounts of deodorant they end up using.


Or by only putting one stick of memory in, or changing the slot you're using.

I was assembling a computer and everything seemed to be correct, the fan would spin up, I'd get some lights, but there was no image on the screen, not even the BIOS. I saw someone else make this suggestion and didn't think it was likely to work, but it did. First I just tried one stick, and it booted. Then I tried both sticks and it didn't work, but I reseated and then it did.

(Also worth pointing out that your motherboard should have diagnostic lights which if you check the documentation may point out which component has an issue)

Thinking about Lemmy's demographics many here may have heard of something like this, or have more helpful suggestions about troubleshooting which would be welcome. But thought I'd write out a little post about my experience to contribute to Lemmy SEO supremacy.


If your RSS feeder doesn't allow you to filter out keywords (looking at Reeder on  Devices), this service allows you to exclude content.

I personally use it to remove ads, sponsored articles and articles about Trump/Elon. For podcasts, I used to remove both sponsored podcasts and episodes featuring the word trump or Elon.

If you find the service useful, the creator has a BuyMeACoffee Page here:


Consider supporting Lemmy development or donating to your local server if you have the means. Peace!

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In the past, laminated glass was usually installed in the windshield, with side and rear windows being tempered only.

The difference is that tempered glass is per-stressed so that when it cracks, it shatters into many tiny and dull pieces. Laminated is the same thing, but with layers of plastic sandwiched with layers of tempered glass. Laminated glass will still shatter, but will be held together by the plastic layers.

In an emergency, small improvised, or purpose built tools meant to shatter tempered glass will be useless if the glass is laminated.


Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian all offer account freezing for free. Take advantage of it! It is a great way to prevent someone from wrecking your credit


It's a website that lets you sort amazon by price per ounce/pound/count

Some examples are:

Cheapest rice per pound

Cheapest batteries by count:

Hard drives by terabyte:

Been using it for months, and I can't stand using Amazon without it now.


There's a cool government program that trains and gets people jobs. They give people Housing, Basic Medical Care, Meals, Books, an Allowance, Clothing, and a Network of instructors and peers.

It targets low-income young adults ages 16 through 24. Check it out, share it around to people who need it. It seems pretty unknown.


You should know about these sites, especially for this upcoming election season, because they are referential and nonpartisan. Each website has a line about the content.


ProPublica's Represent—Find your legislators and the legislative work they're undertaking on your behalf

Fast Democracy—Find legislation in all 50 states, but we'll probably focus on legislation in our state

Ballotpedia's Ballot Lookup Tool—Know how you're going to vote before you go!

Government Sites—Information specific to both the House of Representatives and Senate.—Federal agencies need your comments on their proposed rules.

Federal Register— Everyday, the government compiles a publication of proposed rules, notices of Federal agencies, executive orders and various other things. You can find it all here!

USA—Investigate how your tax dollars are being spent!

Federal Election Commission—Wonder who is giving how much to a particular candidate during an election? Find it here.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)—Not technically a government website. Has all the important economic indicators.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy—An excellent resource about philosophy. You can dive into a comprehensive overview of logic, democracy, or whatever philosophy you can think of!.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia—A general encyclopedia

Britannica—Another general encyclopedia


Many have microSD cards soldered to their circuit boards.


Why YSK: I had this experience this morning. I was raging because the "alt + tab" shortcut had changed on my work computer when it worked fine yesterday. Now it opened the task view, but wouldn't switch windows unless I clicked on a different program.

I figured either windows had rolled out some new "feature" or the IT department had changed something without telling anyone. I kept trying different google searches but couldn't find anyone talking about my specific issue. Tried restarting, changing "multitasking" settings, editing the registry.

Finally some old post prompted me to try "windows + tab" and that worked. I discovered the windows and alt tab had been switched. So I tried a different keyboard and it worked fine. Finally I learned that my main keyboard has a "Windows" layout and a "Mac" layout, and somehow I had accidentally switched them.

So I wasted a bunch of time, got upset and was mentally blaming others when the issue was on my end. And one sign I could have used to realize that was that apparently in the whole world of internet search results I was the only one experiencing the issue.


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[YSK] There is a Firefox extension that redirects Youtube videos to Peertube

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