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Always loved this tune!

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"How do you want to induce YOUR Linux migraine today?!"

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Hmmm, that's a good one to use but I prefer sudo chmod -R 777 /

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I was kinda drunk when I saw a comment chain in another thread and decided to have a bit of fun ;)


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Yeah, for anything local, Instagram and Facebook are still the way to go. I don't have a personal Instagram account, but when I check the band's account I really don't see anything questionable in there. I guess it just comes down to who you follow and who follows you. The worst thing I see is the occasional bot spam or bot account follow.

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Unfortunately if you play music in a band Instagram is kind of a necessary evil for spreading news about your band.

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This song is triggering of a bad time in my life. Thanks.

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Yeah, that's gonna be a naw from me, dawg. I've done every drug under the sun and uppers were the ones that stuck for me. Like...I kinda had a bit of a problem. I've been clean for a while now and do not intend to ever return to it though. Mushrooms were pretty fun, though.

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Lines of cocaine

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I checked that out from a library once on a recommendation and ended up returning it in less than a week. Shit was waaaaaaaaaay too confusing for me lmao

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Oh, dude! I am a huge Stephen King fan, although I haven't read as much as you! I really like his short story collections since he notoriously hates writing endings. Might I recommend the short story collections, Night Shift, Skeleton Crew, Different Seasons, and Four Past Midnight? Also, if you liked the The Shining you should totally read it's sequel Doctor Sleep.

I just rewatched 11.22.63 recently and now I'm listening to the audiobook for it. That one is by far my favorite modern Stephen King book.


And what's on your to read shelf?

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I'm talking about that movie you saw that was so bad it was good.


Is it counter intuitive when you look in the mirror so you would use the right taper guard on your left side and vice versa? Or does it go from your own perspective where left taper would go on left side? Hope this makes sense, I've been cutting my own hair for years and this has always confused me.

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