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Whatcha been playing?

Still on a break from elden ring dlc. This week I played the metroidvania called 'Islets'. Really fun and short game with Great movement and fun bosses. Def recommend checking it out.

Also been playing more Pokemon emerald rogue v2!

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I'll let you off with a warning this time...... I've got my eye on you..... 👁️



Whatcha playing?

I slowed down a bit on shadow of the erdtree, but still working through it. I have every remembrance except the last one. I also started the riven remake and just finished getting all achievements last night. 10/10 remake. It's really good!

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Have yet to get to the final boss... But yesterday I did Commander Gaius. That was the first time in the dlc I had no fun. That guy has some of the worst hitboxes I've ever seen and beating him was an absolute chore. I was on the "DLC isn't too hard" train, and still kinda am... But he was the first time I was like, "ok I see what some people are saying"

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Hahaha, it's a play on my name and the Pokemon yeah. But I am also a red dwarf fan so perhaps it has 3 meanings!


Whatcha all playing!

Gonna be honest, it's just more shadow of the erdtree for me. Been playing the shit out of it.

Bonus question: any game you got during the steam summer sale you want to shout out?

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So many people asking what the point is while I'm over here enjoying my new system icon. Thanks for the post!!! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

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Do I honestly have any hope as a trans woman. I feel beyond doomed. I'm in a liberal area of a liberal state but like will that even matter at this point. Am I fucked 😔

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I typically don't keep the nividia or windows gaming stuff turned on. Having it built into steam will be nice, since I use their overlay a lot more. Plus steam deck support is really nice!

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Well I suppose the issue is that not everyone sees the obscureness as a problem. I love the Myst games and quern, but I think it would be a bad idea to change the puzzles to be different. The Myst series is quite difficult to be sure, but that's part of why I love them. I don't think everyone needs a guide to finish, but if one does every now and then, is that really such a bad thing? For single player, whatever method of playing that gives you the most enjoyment is the correct way to play

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Weird, open critic didn't have it in the export. I added it in

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Game Information

Game Title: Riven


  • PC (Jun 25, 2024)
  • Meta Quest (Jun 25, 2024)


Developer: Cyan Worlds Inc

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 86 average - 94% recommended - 17 reviews

Critic Reviews

AltChar - Asmir Kovacevic - 85 / 100

Riven is the pinnacle of puzzle-oriented games, and in this regard, you probably won't find any better or even on the same level—its puzzles are just something else. If you combine it with a mysterious story and charming aesthetics, you'll get a game that will occupy your attention for quite a while.

CGMagazine - Jordan Biordi - 9 / 10

Much like its updated predecessor RIVEN is an incredible remake of one of gaming's most iconic puzzle games.

COGconnected - Jaina Hill - 88 / 100

If I could only pick one puzzle game to bring to a desert island, I probably would not choose Riven. Fortunately, that is not the case. It’s fascinating to see this missing link of game design. It’s nice to dig into some genuinely excellent writing and art. The puzzles are as opaque as they ever were, which is what a lot of people like about them. I think we need more remakes like Riven, that capture as much as they can about how games felt back then. That’s how we move forward, that’s how games get even better.

Checkpoint Gaming - Kolby James - 8.5 / 10

Overall the remake of Riven is an excellent effort on all fronts. The original Riven was already an exceptionally high quality title that is still playable even today. This new ground-up remake takes that epic title and introduces it to a new generation. This is definitely its final form and stands on its own as an excellent release. I highly recommend it, not just to fans of the original but to any gamer who enjoys puzzle games.

EIP Gaming - Dylan Graves - 8.1 / 10

Riven is still one of the best puzzle games of all time, with challenging puzzles, an intricate plot, and a gorgeous world that all fold into each other in great ways. It's a wonderful experience, except for how slow it can be at points. As a remake, the full 3d movement and stunning new graphics add a lot, though replacing the FMV cutscenes with in-game cutscenes does pull away some of the game's original charm.

Entertainium - Gareth Brading - Masterpiece

The Myst games will always hold a special place in my heart, and although their spiritual successors like Obduction and The Talos Principle fill much of the same gap, there’s nothing which is quite like them. The complexity and challenge of the puzzles has long been a source of frustration for some players, as the game never holds your hand or offers hints. Riven and its sequel Myst III: Exile are the clear highlights of this formula in both style and content, with Exile still being my personal favourite. For this reason I do hope that Cyan feels comfortable giving Exile the same remake treatment next, even though they weren’t the original developers (that being the long defunct Presto Studios). The Riven remake is an expert modernization and expansion to the original, bringing its gorgeous worlds fully to life, and still packed full of fairly challenging puzzles.

GameLuster - Axel Cushing - 8 / 10

Updated for modern systems, Riven reminds us why it's a classic adventure game. Perhaps a bit short now, occasionally obtuse in its puzzles, but still visually stunning and engaging.

Gamer Escape - Josh McGrath - 9 / 10

When I first went into the Riven remake, I really wasn't sure if I would enjoy it or not. I had only played Myst once back when I was ten or so, and I couldn't make heads or tales of it back then. Seeing fans of the game talk about its difficulty had me nervous as well.

But once I found myself immersed in the world, everything just kind of...clicked. Riven isn't an obstuse puzzle box like I expected. It's a surprisingly fleshed-out world. One of seeming loneliness, one of mystery, one that wound up being absolutely enthralling. One that absolutely won't be for everyone, but if it manages to hook you in, good luck getting it to let go.

Riven is a game that demands your full attention, occasionally to its detriment. If you aren't locked in and focused, it is easy to lose the trail the game is gently leading you on. But if you can give it your time and attention, it will take you on an unforgettable ride.

GamingTrend - Ron Burke - 100 / 100

When Riven was first released in 1997 it was heralded as a majestic piece of art. Now almost 30 years later, Cyan Worlds returns to that world, bringing it to modern standards using the tools of today. Once again, they've created a majestic piece of art, and a world worth exploring all over again. It'll test your mind, it's a feast for your eyes and ears, and if you enjoy deep puzzles, it's a game you absolutely cannot miss.

God is a Geek - Chris White - 8 / 10

While Riven is difficult, Cyan Worlds has done a remarkable job remaking one of the most influential puzzle games of all time.

PC Gamer - Kerry Brunskill - 90 / 100

Riven is as impressive, immersive, and unmissable as it's ever been. - Matúš Štrba - Slovak - 8 / 10

The new Riven is a polished relic from a bygone era when games were made very differently. And played very differently. It offers a very different experience to what's on the market today. I don't think it will be a bestseller, but it will certainly appeal to those who like to explore unconventional worlds and solve challenging puzzles. Plus, you can play it in VR.

Saving Content - Scott Ellison II - 5 / 5

Riven is for old and new players, offering new twists for players of the original while offering a deep and rewarding experience for newcomers. Riven has never looked better, and has finally received the remake treatment it has so rightly deserved after 27 agonizing years. Cyan has completed their arc of remaking their first two Myst games with incredible accuracy, care, and reverence, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Riven is a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern realism to provide a puzzle adventure for the ages.

TechRaptor - Erren Van Duine - 8.5 / 10

The new version of Riven is a beautiful addition to the Myst series with addition to detail in its fully rendered environments, and plenty of exploration to be had despite some obscure puzzles.

The Games Machine - Nicholas Mercurio - Italian - 9 / 10

The Riven remake makes its return to the scene with absolute pomp, proving once again how much the journey is more important than the destination. The graphic modernization is illustrious and of absolute caliber, as well as everything else, elevated to the asymptote of wonder. It could involve both long-time enthusiasts and newbies.

TheGamer - Meg Pelliccio - 3.5 / 5

Riven remains one of the most captivating and challenging puzzle games I have ever played. You can’t help but leave the game wanting to learn more about the strange and mysterious world it welcomes you into. I encourage anyone to play this remake, however, while it’s a fine VR game, it’s best enjoyed on PC so you can fully commit to note-taking for puzzles and avoid the added frustration of whipping your headset on and off.

Try Hard Guides - Erik Hodges - 9 / 10

With its lonely, other-worldly setting, interesting sci-fi and fantastical elements, and puzzling puzzles, the remake Riven is a game that feels incredibly faithful to the era in which it was created and should be a fantastic title for fans of the series and newcomers alike.


Whatcha all playing?

Do I even need to ask?! Elden ring!! Shadow of the erdtree! It's so good 😊

Ofc I know the game is not for everyone though! So, shadow of the erdtree or not, what are you playing :)

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So that was a thread huh?

Sorry to have to lock the post and clean up some comments, but I think it's safe to say that gamergater apologia is not cool on the gaming community here.

Please do not downplay death threats, especially when they come from a site absolutely known for sending them out. Think what you want about SBI, but to deny Gamergate and other harassment campaigns and the damage they have caused is dangerous and also absolutely does not contribute to making beehaw a safe place.

Thanks ❤️

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never targeted by harassment

Sweet Baby Inc found themselves at the center of attention at kiwi farms, a website known for harassment and driving people to suicide. I find it very far fetched to believe they received no harassment.

Ubisoft being in bed with SBI is also not a lie

Unless I totally missed it, I see nowhere in this article that said they didn't work with SBI?

Everything I have seen points to Yasuke being a samurai. Lots of reading on it sourced in this reddit comment:

How is the game disrespectful to Japanese people?

There are so many outlandish claims in this comment with basically nothing backing it up

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There's a good mod on the steam workshop that adds a tutorial NPC, I highly recommend it! It's one of the top rated mods


Whatcha all playing!

I've been playing more slay the spire, working my way up to A20 with the silent. Also started fallout 76 lol. Seeing if I can get into it after getting it for free


Apologies for the late thread!

What have you all been playing? I've been playing a ton of elden ring to get ready for the dlc :) suuuuper excited!

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