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Stop driving, stop flying and eat way less meat...

No ? OK then, next decade be hotter again.

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Our contributions have been embarrassing, at least this is something.

I apolgose to Ukrainian's on our fucking tardiness while your citizens have been dying and you've been resitibf those invading assholes :(

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There's a few cities around the world that are emblematic of human hubris and stupidity, Vegas is one to them. Along with Miami and Phoenix.

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Until that great and glorious day, we need to cut emsisons. NOW. While we wait around for dues ex machina we destroy the biosphere and collapse civilisation.

Stop flying, stop driving...all too inconvenient? Then you destroy civilisation and you won't be able to fly and drive anyway.

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Mehh, theres no way to control the kids if they don't want to be and lots ofrepercussions if you do.

Solutions, I don't have any but it will only get worse.

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No need to worry, next decade 35! Enjoy the 30 while you can. To misquote Yazz, "The only way is up! Baby'

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Yeah this is stupid, don't do that and create more emissions and pollution (tire and brake particulates) for shits and giggles.

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Was that a dude thrown off in the first bit ? Or some debris ?

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That shockwave from the Grad..woah..

Did it take the train out I was thinking a small drone won't do abit aside from some fireworks on a diesel locomotive? Great target though, more of that

As an Australian, I apologise profusely for my shitty Governments lack of support ;(

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There was an excellent allegory for this from Tamino many years ago that stuck with me. For those not in the know, he's a statistician who works with climate scientists (amongst other things) like Professor Stefan Rhamstorf


In fact I did it every day. One large pot of boiling hot water. The idea wasn’t to kill all the ants, or to eradicate their megalopolis in one crushing blow. The idea was simply to make it too costly, in terms of energy and time, for their complex of ant cities to be sustainable.

It worked.

After about two weeks, the ants were gone. Completely. I believe they just couldn’t stay there any more, it was just too difficult with such regular demands on repair. I don’t know whether the megalopolis died out, or they moved to a different location. But any way you look at it, I succeeded in destroying their megalopolis, because amid the continual assault of disasters, they simply weren’t able to keep up.

This is what can happen to us. Global warming isn’t going to come in one astounding assault and kill us all with one blow. It’s just going to make survival harder — a lot harder — with regular assaults like floods, droughts, heat waves, killer storms.

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If we want to have a stable livable climate we need to.live with the emissions of the average Cuban (Professor Kevin Anderson) That allows the worlds poorest to have more emissions per capita and the worlds richest to come down a lot, and by a lot I mean a metric shit load.

How we do that and what that looks like is up to us but if we don't soon, we'll likely collapse. civilisation anyway and none if it will matter and we won't be talking about it on here.


In an age where giving lifts to strangers is mostly advised against, this family sees it as their preferred option to get to India, for environmental and social reasons.

Mr Jones and Ms Ulman do not own a car, have not been overseas in 20 years, and wanted to show their son the world, in the least polluting way possible.

"We've done a lot of travel before on bicycles and hitching and public transport in Australia," Mr Jones said.


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Australia has one of the lowest rates of people acknowledging that 'climate disruption' is caused by humans

Colour me not suprised


We know our planet’s ecosystem is breaking down…much of the destruction is irreparable. So, why haven’t things changed faster?


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For denial doesn’t only amount to rejecting the evidence, he argues – it also consists of denying our role in the climate crisis; absolving ourselves through “carbon offsets, hybrid cars, local purchases, recycling”. And in this, far more of us are implicated.

In some ways, this argument might not seem all that new. Multiple authors have pointed out that green capitalism, not rightwing deniers of the crisis, is our greatest obstacle to properly confronting the problem. DeLay agrees. The difference is the lens he brings to it – using psychoanalysis to explain the mechanisms behind denial.


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Central to their concerns are how the IPCC predictions rely on a tool called the Forest Fire Danger Index (FFDI), which does not capture the full potential of future fires in drought and heatwave conditions.

Bureau of Meteorology senior research scientist Mika Peace and independent study co-author Lachlan McCaw identified several variables missing from the IPCC report's fire predictions under climate change.


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Over the past three years ... we've seen an even faster growth rate of accumulation of N2O into the atmosphere, almost 30 per cent faster than the previous decade.


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Climate Central vice-president for science Andrew Pershing said the figures illustrated the "huge burden" the burning of fossil fuels imposed on people around the world

"Australia didn't have a particularly interesting summer this year, but in Africa it's just day after day after day of climate change just beating down on that continent."


Most of the functionality is present but many important bits are still being developed.


Alon Levy, co-lead of the transportation and land use program at New York University’s Marron Institute, has spent years studying why some countries are able to build transport infrastructure cheaply and others aren’t.

Though the preliminary business case of the expansion of Gold Coast light rail includes few details, Levy estimates that the project may ultimately cost as much as 10 times more than comparable European infrastructure.

Those include, Levy says, a lack of contracting transparency, over-engineering, politicisation, poor allocation of cost risk – and above all, contracting out to the private sector.


Wtf ?


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A Queensland council is under investigation by the state government after at least 350 million litres of raw sewage spilled into a Gold Coast river. 

Wildlife Queensland Gold Coast and Hinterland branch president Sally Spain labelled the spill one of the biggest "environmental disasters this city has ever faced".

I'd think surfin' turd rather then surfing bird ? What the fuck ?

Only because some local reported it ?


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The ‘solar gardeners’, who mostly live in cities hours away, are getting returns of $505, possibly higher, locked in for the next decade, depending on the electricity market

The returns are credited directly to their electricity bills.

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